10 Unusual Travel Destinations

Unusual destinations for travel

10 Unusual Travel Destinations

Tired of the usual travel destinations? Here is a list of unique travel ideas that will take adventure and exploration to a whole new level.

1. See the Baobabs in Madagascar, Southeast Africa. If you have read ìThe Little Princeî by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, you will get an idea of how these trees give you a sense mystery and wonder.

2. Firefly Park in Kuala Selangoor, Malaysia. One of the worldís largest firefly colony. Go on a river cruise to watch the trees twinkle like Christmas trees as fireflies blink in unison. It is truly going to be an enchanting evening. Make sure you have a good wheeled backpack for this one!

3. Cuesmes Mons, Belgium. This is the village where Vincent van Gogh lived when he decided to be an artist. One of his very famous piece is the Starry Night and Still Life: Vase With Twelve Sunflowers.

4. Sahara Dessert. Ever wonder what itís like to see nothing but sand? Try camping in the dessert under the stars with a Bedouin group; tell stories, eat native food and sit around learning about navigating by the stars around a campfire.

5. Deanís Blue Hole, Long Island Bahamas. The worldís deepest blue hole at more than 600 feet.

6. Bear lake, Alaska. You can see the aurora borealis or the northern lights high overhead the bear lake, from far away it illuminates the northern horizon with a greenish or sometimes reddish glow.

7. Ice fishing in Ontario, Canada. Try catching fish straight from a hole.

8. Walk as if youíre walking on mirrors. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Worldís largest salt flats are transformed by seasonal floods into one of the biggest mirrors.

9. Gondolas in Venice, Italy. For the hopeless romantic. A gondola ride is very romantic and magical. A good wheeled suitcase will do you well on the streets of Venice.

10. Cage diving. South Africa. Do you want to know what it feels like to be swimming with the great white sharks with its razor sharp teeth, dead black eyes and torpedo like body?