Wheeled Holdalls - Holdalls with Wheels

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About Wheeled Holdalls

In current times it seems that more and more travellers are ditching their large and often bulky suitcases in favour of the more stylish and easier to carry wheeled holdall. These days only a minority amongst travellers select the suitcase when travelling and instead people are pushed towards purchasing the wheeled holdall, and quite rightly so.

The wheeled holdall is on average anywhere between 20 and 50 percent cheaper than its suitcase counterpart. Not only that but the wheeled holdall can often hold more than its equivalent suitcase size, due to the flexibility in the material of the wheeled holdall.

Most wheeled holdalls come with an extendible handle. This handle can usually be folded away when the bag is not in use or when using the holdall as a normal carry bag. Some wheeled holdalls even offer the user the option to remove the handle all together, turning the holdall into a rucksack or backpack.

Another great advantage of the holdall with wheels is the internal and external extra pockets that are usually built into the holdall allowing you the flexibility to carry a few extra items that you otherwise wouldn't have been able to take with you on holiday, due to the space limitations of a standard wheeled suitcase.

Finally the wheeled holdall is often seen as a cooler or more trendy way to carry your items when travelling, with most celebrity's championing the wheeled holdall when travelling, and with most of the high street fashion names promoting their wheeled holdalls many trusted manufacturers can be found.

We are confident that you will find the perfect wheeled holdall to match your needs and remember that our servers are 100% secure and we even offer a security guarantee with each sale.

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