How to Recover Lost Baggage

Recover lost baggage

If you arrived in the airport and your baggage did not, do not panic. First thing you need to do is check other carousels because your baggage must have gotten to the wrong belt for some reason. If you are unable to locate your baggage, you need to follow these steps.

1. As soon as you notice your baggage or childrens luggage is missing, go to the airlineís office inside the airport and file a report as soon as possible.

2. If your baggage is delayed because it got on the next flight, you could have them within hours but if it was sent to the wrong airport, you may need to wait for a couple of days. The airline will contact you as soon as your baggage is found to arrange pick up. You should fill out all the necessary forms and leave your contact information; phone numbers and address.

3. Ask about the airlineís reimbursement policy. Airlines normally cover the cost of necessities to get you by until your baggage is found. List all the contents of your bag and give it to the airline together with your report in case your baggage was torn open, stolen, or destroyed.

4. If your baggage still does not turn up after a few days, file for a reimbursement claim. However, you have to remember that there is a cap on the amount that the airlines will reimburse.

Late check ins is one of the most common causes why your baggage gets lost. To avoid the inconvenience of recovering your holdalls with wheels, get to the airport on time. This will give you enough time for the security checks and the airline crew to get your baggage onto the right plane. Also, you can get travel insurance.

This way, even if unexpected circumstances happen on your trip, you can rest assured that you are covered and will be compensated properly.