Wheeled Rucksack


wheeled rucksack can offer convenience, practicality, durability and style. Carry it on your back, wheel it around the airport and take everything you need with you on that round the world trip or weekend away.


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Wheeled Rucksack

On average the wheeled rucksack comes at a size of around 20 litres. Compare this to the wheeled holdall or suitcase which usually come as standard at a size of around 50 – 100 litres, then you will see the main drawback of using the wheeled rucksack.

However rucksacks with wheels can not be matched in terms of ease of travel, comfort and style. Though smaller than its counterparts, the wheeled rucksack more than makes up for this in terms of style and convenience.

With many well known designer and high street manufacturers producing wheeled rucksacks these days, the wheeled rucksack is fast becoming the must have accessory for the modern trend setting traveller.

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